Japanese Asparagus & Bacon Potato Chips

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Product : Japan Asparagus & Bacon Potato Chips

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The taste of asparagus spread from the first bite. The taste of the ingredients immediately appears, just like pouring hot asparagus into your mouth. The taste of this material is very strong. The salty taste is slightly thin, bringing out the vegetable flavor of asparagus.

Asparagus has a little bacon flavor, but the overall feel of asparagus is very strong. The taste of the potatoes is also moderate, I feel it. Salty, so it is a very healthy potato chip star.

Even if I continue to eat, I can hardly feel the taste of bacon, and the asparagus is very strong. The presence of asparagus is excellent♪

The appetizer is not wrong, but considering its health, it is like a fries. Vegetable-flavored snacks can directly express the deliciousness of asparagus, while bacon has a proper flavor and is a favorite potato chip star of asparagus fans. If it is a natural food, it may be surprisingly preferred.

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Weight 50 g