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Japanese Banana no Omelette Mini Cake


Product Code : JCK-24811

Product : Japanese Banana no Omelette Mini Cake

Brand : Japan Bourbon

Packing : 5pcs x 1 pack

Weight : 139g

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Japanese Banana no Omelette Mini Cake

North Japan Banana Egg Roll Spot Cake Banana Flavor

This banana omelet is a limited flavor once a year

In the busy morning, sometimes it is too late to prepare breakfast, I will put one or two in the bag, I can always recharge

And the egg roll skin full of egg aroma,

Add the banana cream filling that melts in the mouth,

So that you don’t have to fly to Tokyo to buy banana cakes,

You can get the same quality of enjoyment 😋

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Weight 139 g

Japan Bourbon


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