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Product Code : JMS-23312

Product : Japanese Butter Potato Soup with Bread Crumbs 31g

Brand : Pokka Sapporo

Packing : 1 Cup

Weight : 34.5 g

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Japanese Butter Potato Soup with Bread Crumbs 31g

Pokka Sapporo is a thick soup that is delicious, with a rich taste. It should be convenient. You can drink it by stirring it with heated water.
(Boil soup) How to eat: 🍲
1. Add 150ml hot water πŸ’§
2. After stirring for 10 seconds πŸ”„, wait 1 minute to eatπŸ˜‹
🌟(Sauce) How to eat: 🍝
1. No need to add water βŒπŸ’§, just pour it into the dish and heat it ♨

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Weight 34.5 g

Pokka Sapporo

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