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Product Code : JMS-84384

Product : Japanese Pokka Sapporo brown bread Ripe pumpkin Mini Cup Soup

Brand : Pokka Sapporo

Packing : 1 cup

Weight : 34.5g

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Japanese PS brown bread ripe pumpkin mini cup soup

A very delicious soup~~

When working overtime

When I feel hungry in the middle of the night

When it’s cold

Have a cup of soup with real ingredients

Crispy bread cubes inside to increase satiety

How to eat
After brewing 200ml of hot water to the inner line of the rim of the cup, stir for 10 seconds. After another minute, you can enjoy it~~

★Pumpkin Soup
149 calories, content 34.5g

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Additional information

Weight 34.5 g

Pokka Sapporo

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