Knorr Soup deli Ripe tomato soup pasta


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Product : Knorr Soup deli Ripe tomato soup pasta

Brand : Knorr

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Knorr Soup deli Ripe tomato soup pasta

It is a soup pasta that you can enjoy by entwining the soup that uses one whole ripe tomato (about one small ball) with the pasta. The tomato flavor has improved and it has become even more delicious.

product description:
-The soup base is cooked with original ripe tomatoes,
-You can drink the rich soup base after eating
-Soak in hot water for about 3-4 minutes, ready to eat

Edible guidelines:
1. Fully open the lid of the cup and pour hot water (about 200ml) to the horizontal line position marked
2. Stir for about 15 seconds
3. Soak for about 3 minutes

*Do not use microwave oven to heat

-Country of Origin: Japan

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Weight 41.6 g