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Product Code : KCC-05015

Product : Korea CW Earl Grey Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies

Brand : CW Food

packing: 10pc x 1

Weight : 190g

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Korea CW Earl Grey Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies

Made from black tea and bergamot based on English Earl Grey tea
You can also taste a little floral fragrance~
Smooth skin with QQ taste, taste multiple flavors at once
It tastes strong and fragrant, and the taste is very smooth
After the entrance, the fresh floral fragrance spreads!
You can see that there are tea crumbs in the biscuits when you gently open them. They are really real~
There is sweet and sour grapefruit jam filling in the middle! Sweet but not greasy, good entrance~
Whether it’s one person’s leisure reading time
Or a friend’s afternoon tea party is suitable~
Feel the warm atmosphere of the New Year!

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Weight 190 g

CW Food

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