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Product Code : KB-32003

Product : Korea Dr.You Healthy Assorted Nut Chocolate Sticks 4 Pack

Brand : Dr.You

Packing : 4pc x 1

Weight : 160g

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Korea Dr.You Healthy Assorted Nut Chocolate Sticks

There are 4 snacks in a box
The bottom is chocolate, with a variety of nuts and dried cranberries on top. The calories of one is not high. It is very suitable for energy bar before and after exercise or as a snack for supplementing calories.
I don’t like to eat sweets, but we don’t think it is too sweet after we try it personally. Once we open it, we can smell the strong nutty flavor. There are a lot of nuts on it, so the taste is very rich and rich chocolate with chewy nuts and slightly sour cranberries. The combination of yue plum makes the taste richer

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Weight160 g


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