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Product Code : KP-82199

Product : Korea Lotte Pepero Strawberry Cookie Pocky

brand : Lotte

Origin : Korea

packing : 1 pc

Weight : 32 g

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Korea Lotte Pepero Strawberry Cookie Pocky

☆ Lotte Pepero Almond White Chocolate Bar:
The crispy biscuits are covered with fragrant white chocolate and almond shards. The moment you bite it, you can experience the refreshing taste of almonds bouncing between your tongue. It is a double enjoyment of the perfect combination of almond white chocolate and biscuits.
☆ Lotte Pepero Strawberry Crisp Biscuit Stick:
Strawberry crisp biscuit sticks, crisp biscuit covered with sweet and sour strawberry jam
Full of strawberry chips, the strongest taste!
Rice crackers and Crunky chocolate have a crisper taste and a stronger fragrance, a popular product that will last forever

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Weight 32 g


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