Korean BBQ Piazza Cheese Potato Chips


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Product : Korean BBQ Piazza Cheese Potato Chips

Brand : Orion

Origin : Korea

Packing : 1 pcs

Weight : 64g

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Korean BBQ Piazza Cheese Potato Chips

Taste [cheese]

Weight: 64g (with 2 sachets inside)
Cheese/Popular Cheese Baked Flavor

Slow fire baking, non-fried, delicious without burden!
Super thick wavy pattern, crispy and crisp taste Carefully selected whole potatoes with skin are made with low oil, low salt and low fat, not only will not eat too many calories,

but also can eat the freshest original flavor of potatoes, super flavorful potato chips, just like Freshly picked potatoes, rich aroma can not resist

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Weight 64 g



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