Korean Easy Potato Pancake 120g

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Product : Korean Easy Potato Pancake 120g

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Korean Easy Potato Pancake 120g

CJ COOKIT Homemade Korean Easy Potato Pancake Set.
You can also make traditional Korean classic dishes at home!
All the materials you need are prepared for you in just five minutes.
Q-flavored potato pancakes that can be completed!
Follow the instructions, simple cooking with zero mistakes.
Pour the potato pancake powder into a paper cup and add water to the designated water line.
Mix carefully and wait one minute after stirring to allow the starch to absorb the water.
Then, pour one tablespoon to one tablespoon and fry it in a heated pan for five minutes.
Fry it until it is slightly crispy and golden, and you can start the pan!
To avoid starch precipitation, try to cook the batter within five minutes after the batter is made.
Super simple preparation method, don’t have to wait if you want to eat Korean food!

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Weight 120 g

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