Malaysia Chek Hup Hokkaido Milk Latte


Product Code : MC-10760

Product : Malaysia Chek Hup Hokkaido Milk Latte

Brand : Chek Hup

Origin : Malaysia

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 40g

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Malaysia Chek Hup Hokkaido Milk Latte

“White coffee” is roasted coffee beans at a low temperature to retain the original aroma of the coffee, remove the bitter and sour taste produced by high-temperature roasting. It is low in caffeine, is pure and mild in quality, and does not hurt the intestines and stomach.
“White Coffee” is made with coffee beans selected by Arabica. After being roasted at a low temperature, it tastes fragrant but not bitter. The viscosity of “white coffee” is higher than that of black coffee, and it is smooth, sweet, and aromatic.

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Weight 40 g


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