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Product Code : TS-10168

Product : Thailand dried shredded squid

Brand : Taro

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 30g

10 in stock

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Thailand dried shredded squid

Whether it’s work, watching a drama, reading a book or taking a car
I always feel bad words 😋
I want to eat snacks, but……. There is always a problem 🤔
Too much volume is not good for chewing, too crispy for fear of noisy colleagues, too much fat and sugar for fear of fat 😣
How to choose it?🤔
I love to eat at work ” Taro Dried Shreded Squid” ✨✨
Delicious and fragrant, I want to eat it again
Outing, drinking, watching movies, all the time, you can’t live without it

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Weight 30 g


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