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Product Code : TP-10076

Product : Thailand Glico Whole Wheat Yoghurt chocolate Healthy Pocky

Brand : Glico

Origin : Thailand

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 50g

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Thailand Glico Whole Wheat Yoghurt chocolate Healthy Pocky

The latest series of POCKY products are coming~

The brand-new pie body gives you a brand-new experience who loves POCKY!
Adding oatmeal can increase satiety and promote digestion~
The rich chocolate is sweet but not greasy with almond particles!!
The blueberry taste is sour and sweet, it feels like love!?

Whether it is 10:30 in the morning or 15:00 in the afternoon
When you are a little hungry and not very hungry
When I want to be empty but dare not to indulge too much
No matter when~ the brand new POCKY is your best choice

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Weight 50 g


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