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Stay home to avoid the epidemic and enjoy the time of coffee

In the days when evacuated at home, I can no longer travel and eat as I want, and even the leisure time of wandering in the coffee shop, sighing, chatting, and reading a book becomes hard to find. The “400 times coffee”, which is popular in the early days, stirs sugar and instant coffee powder to create coffee foam, and it also brings up the nostalgia for cafe time in my heart. I’m tired of drinking heavy sugar milk. In fact, black coffee brewed with fine coffee beans already contains rich and varied flavors, reminiscent of the fragrance of flowers, sweet and sour fruits and nuts, and even the richness of the wine. Some baristas carefully make drip bags (hanging ear bags) for online shopping and delivery, and some baristas take pictures to teach hand-punching so that people can enjoy coffee time without leaving home.

Pour over drip bag coffee | Mr.Korffe
Pour over drip bag coffee | Mr.Korffe

Consolation for the soul-Austrian poet Peter Altenberg “I am not in a café, or on the way to a café.” Tao loves to linger in the hearts of the café people, but the epidemic makes people stay home and have no utensils. It’s time to make a cup of specialty coffee “Drip bag” comforts the soul so that everyone can drink from home.
“The epidemic has made me discover that the demand for brewing coffee at home is greater than I thought. I have been in the coffee industry for many years. There are more people who buy in-house or take-out coffee on weekdays, but recently many people may work from home, and coffee beans are selling quickly. .”

The barista comes into contact with all kinds of people every day, hears and sees the social situation, and has social responsibility in his heart. In late June, the new crown pneumonia continued to spread, and multiple new diagnoses were added every day. The Coffee Shop Owner said: “At that time, we decided to only supply coffee in takeaway cups. We were also struggling, worried that it would affect the taste and lose customers, but I think The coffee shop’s statement can help everyone raise awareness of epidemic prevention.” He hopes that when customers drink coffee in their hands, they can evoke a message that they still need to be alert when they remember that they are currently in the epidemic.

Hiking and sighing for a cup of coffee
Many customers are affected by the epidemic and work from home, so there are a lot of orders for drip bags. The brewing method is simple, even if there is no brewing equipment at home, they can brew a unique flavor. “Frankly speaking, I didn’t have a preference for drip bags before. I felt that coffee beans were always pre-ground and were not fresh. I was always lacking the motivation to try. Later, I didn’t bring thermometers, electronic scales, and other equipment. I only brought drip bags. The tumbler (accompanying cup) and the hot water bottle were rushed out to drink a very pleasant berry flavor. It was delicious. I realized that the drip bag also has its meaning, so I am more willing to make it.” At present, the drip bag of Artista Perfetto has two combinations. With flavors, one has floral and berry flavors and the other has nutty and chocolate flavors.

The drip bag is a small and square filter bag. The brewing space is limited and the punching method is limited. Therefore, there is no need to pay attention to different brewing gestures and water column strength like hand punching. The punching method is simple, but there are some points to note, Kim said “The first thing is the water temperature. Do not use boiling water. The recommended temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius. I don’t need to measure the temperature specifically. Sometimes I get up in the morning to boil the water first, and then brush my teeth and wash my face for about 5 minutes. The water has cooled down slightly. It can be used for brewing. Next is to choose a taller cup, because a shorter cup will make the bottom of the drip bag soak for a long time, and the taste will be bitter and the flavor level will be less.” In addition, the water injection method will also affect the coffee. For the concentration, he recommends pouring water vertically into the center of the powder layer. If you want a richer flavor, you can inject water for the second time after each pouring of water and after the coffee, liquid flows to the next cup. In this case, it is about 4 to 5 times to 200 to 200. 240 ml serving size.

Instant Coffee | Mr.Korffe
Instant Coffee | Mr.Korffe

Vertical water injection-It is recommended to inject water vertically into the center of the coffee powder layer. The impact of the water column will make the powder layer roll, making it easier to achieve uniform extraction.
Grind and pay attention to details, seal, and package as soon as possible to preserve flavor
The drip bag, which seems to be easy to brew, is made with great attention to detail. “Since the coffee beans are ground, the flavor will gradually be lost, so they must be sealed and packaged immediately after grinding to minimize the time the coffee powder is exposed to air. In order to maintain the flavor. As for the density, thickness, and shape of the selected filter bag material, the flow rate and flavor will be affected. Nowadays, if the filter bag made in Japan is selected, the coffee will be stronger and more flavorful. More concentrated, thicker body (mellowness). “

Washing the ear bag and hand punching are two different things. It only needs to be convenient and easy to wash the ear bag. It is not the same if you think too much. If you have a hand grinder or electric grinder at home, you can also have plenty of time for Hand punch. “Hand brewing is a completely different experience. Enjoy the process of brewing, and then you will slowly taste the changes in the flavor of coffee at different temperatures. It is a process of stress relief or healing.”

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